Case Study for Student Analysis Essay

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Case Study for Student Analysis
It is extremely important to set objective goals and track deadlines for a successful achievement of any task.
As a new campus recruiter for ABC Inc, Carl Robins is responsible hire 15 people to start working for Monica Carrolls by July and coordinate the new hire orientation which includes build a training schedule, organize and schedule an orientation training, prepare manuals and make sure drugs examinations are done by trainees.
It is clear that Carl Robins is worry about not accomplishing effectively his responsibility of coordinate the new hire orientation to make possible the new hires start working in July.
Procrastination is the main reason for Carl Robins had
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Than, they would discuss together the manuals and booklets and she will help him with that. Doing that he is not showing irresponsibility since he is a new employee and it is not his fault if the manuals were incomplete. His fault would be not checking that with time ahead. Also he ought to find a new room for the event and to do so he must contact other departments to search for another place for the event.
Proposed Solution
All mistakes in this case happened because Robin didn’t organize and prioritize his task. After scheduling an event, the first step consists in make a list with all responsibilities this task involves and put up deadlines for each one.
It is really important to prioritize the acts as well. You can separate items into A, B and C priorities. "A" items are important to your long-term success, "B" may be urgent but not as important, and "C" are those that would be nice to do if you get the time. Start with the "A" items and don’t work on others just because they are easier to do.
Break large jobs into smaller tasks. Plan and complete a start-up task, no matter how small. Check off the assignments that are done and keep tracking the check list. Don’t rest until you finish everything but always plan time for balance, making a realistic deadline for each task.(Beggs, p. 4)
For the next assignment is recommended that the tasks be planed as soon as given to the group or individual. Prioritizing tasks is

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