Case Study for a Distant Client Essay

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Case Study Report for a Distant Client
Lois Myers
March 3, 2013
Dr. Rita Smith

Case Study Report for a Distant Client This study will discuss a recent client who as accessed this firm in an online/technology based manner. This client will be receiving counseling through email/web based technology, and will not be attending face-to-face counseling sessions.
Client History The client’s name is Alistair Tarling. His birth date is December 6, 1964. He currently lives in Rockford, IL. The client is a recently immigrated Brisith national, who is married to a US Citizen. His wife is a US Civil servant and is currently in a secure position at work. Alistair is seeking career counseling to help find a career that suits his
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This means that an individual who is intuitive can usually sense people’s pain/happiness and help with any problems the other person might have. With regard to the feeling indicator, this can be defined as always seeking the popular route and can be very upset by arguments ("Myers briggs test," 1997-2012). A person with the feeling characteristic always wants to make everyone happy. He or she does not like discord and will do whatever necessary to keep peace and harmony. With regard to the perceiving characteristic, this can be defined as a general need to be free, and not tied to one specific place (“Myers briggs test,” 1997-2012). A person who is perceiving likes to have variety in his/her work/play. This individual will normally set out to do something without a clear plan.
Suggested Additional Assessment The counselor is suggesting to the client that he take an additional assessment for clarification of the previous results. The Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (CLII) is the assessment that the counselor is suggesting. This assessment will be provided by the firm, and will be scored and interpreted by the counselor. This assessment will give clear career choices for the client and will help the counselor guide the client into his future career.
Result Integration The results from the clients previous assessments seem to insight that the client wants to provide assistance, although in the background, for a third world country. Since his family is

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