Essay on Case Study : ' Face Beast '

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Face Beast Review

In this review I will be taking a look at a relatively new product called Face Beast. Since you 've ended up reading this review I 'm guessing you 're tempted by Face Beast 's sales page claiming it can teach you how to make a ton of money from the comfort of your couch on your laptop.

Well...I 'm sorry to rain on your parade, but I wouldn 't get your hopes up. Face Beast isn 't a scam per say, but it definitely won 't deliver on the hyped up claims it makes on its sales page.

Disclaimer: According to federal disclosure requirements I am required to disclose any affiliate links I include in these reviews. Also, according to my personal ethics I only affiliate myself with products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. However, Face Beast is not a product I would recommend to my friends or family, therefore I will not be providing any links to this product 's sales pages. If you would like to check out this product you can type into your address bar.

Quick Review

Face Beast is an online video course that teaches you how to drive traffic to a website from Facebook. Face Beast claims on its sales pages that what it teaches you will make you money, but this simply isn 't true. You will need to have a website, or at least a sales page, to drive traffic from Facebook to, which Face Beast does not teach you how to create.

I would not recommend Face Beast as it does not deliver on its promises, is deceptive in its marketing,…

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