Ethical Issues In Nursing Research Paper

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Ethical Issue Paper
Olga Stankevych
York University- Faculty of health
HH/NURS2513 section C
Ethical Ways of Knowing and Caring in Nursing
Grace Ross (RN, BScN, MSc Health Promotion)
June 22, 2015

The CAN code of Ethics is a guideline for nurses ' ethical practice.(CNA Code of Ethics, 2008, p.6). It instills important values necessary in nursing such as safe, compassionate, and competent care. The main goal is to promote a patient’s health and well-being wherein the nurse exhibits ethical actions. Relational ethics is focused on the relationship between key participants in influencing moral choices (MacDonald, 2006). CAN code of Ethics and relational ethics support nurse in their decision making when faced with ethical
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Some of the themes of relational ethics are: environment, engaged interaction, mutual respect, freedom and choice.(Bergum, 2013). Environment in this particular situation plays a significant role. Michael values his relationship with his parents, although his wants to be informed of his diagnosis, he is also afraid of losing good relationship with his family. Engaging interaction a nurse trying to understand patient 's situation and perspectives. Amir has to investigate the cultural beliefs and ideas behind the two parties. He should also try to understand their own reasons why would Michael lose all hope. Also, Amir can try to find out the underlying fears of Michael about losing his family. This will help him to understand the patient 's and his parents ' emotions and thoughts. Mutual respect means that respecting his own values Amir also has to respect patient 's and his family 's opinions, beliefs, and values.(Bergum, 2013) Patient freedom and choice are one of the main relational ethics canons in this case. Amir asked the patient if he wants to know his diagnosis, thus has giving him a choice and freedom to make a final decision regarding discloser this information. By telling the truth to Michael the nurse recognizes her patients ' autonomy, shows respect, and promotes trustful relationship. (Burkhard, Nathaniel & Walton, …show more content…
It should be done using a gradual approach especially since the issue is sensitive to the patients. Significantly, it is part of getting to know patients on a personal level and exercising empathy as well. Patients and their families should understand that they are not alone in the medical scenario wherein the health care team will be there to come to their aid. Strategizing on how to communicate this to parties is a skill nurses must learn wherein they are able to form trusting relationships with the family and patient involved. It is the act of showing genuine concern that is most vital to Michael’s condition. However, if the pros and cons of disclosure is explained to them this may change their minds. It will help in building a trusting relationship and shared decision making for all involved. This indicates as well that nurses should exercise mutual respect and cultural sensitivity. It is part of a nurses’ duty to show compassion to patients and informing them about the possible outcomes. Quelling their fears through communication is one of the best practices nurses can do when faced with a moral dilemma (Burkhard, Nathaniel & Walton,

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