Essay on Case Study Ethical Dilemma

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I. Case Analysis

A. The Situation
As earlier mentioned, the case involves Mr. Romulo Bernas, a staff assistant in Prime Shipping Inc., who earns a salary enough to support his family. He is directly reporting to a manager and has no fixed job description. He also works closely with Mr. Jose Narciso, a former New People’s Army member and is now a bodyguard of a politician connected to the Bureau of Customs (BOC).
Mr. Bernas has been given several credits for his work. As such, he was assigned to provide some order and system to the shipments loading and unloading in the pier. As he is performing this task, he saw the intervention of custom officials in the shipments of textiles in the port area. The next day to his surprise,
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The improvement is to base the action not merely on the greatest utility but rather on the correct moral rules that everyone should follow. In consideration of the rule utilitarianism, it seems that the best action to take is to resist the bribe and report the incident to proper authority (option 3). Why? Because this option promotes the elementary rule of ‘Honesty is the best policy’. This rule has been consistently taught and expected of us. As such, we, as a people, are morally bound to follow this rule.
Rights/Categorical Imperative The second ethical principle is of Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative theory. This theory uses moral rights as its foundation and incorporates two formulations. The first formulation is the golden rule which is to do unto others what you want to do unto you. This deals with universalizability and reversibility, which means that every reason to action should be universally acceptable and this reason should still be the same if the situation is reversed.
Considering the golden rule, the best alternative action for Mr. Bernas is option 3. First, bribery is a form of corruption that is universally agreed as immoral. As human beings, we always seek for the truth. Bribery is a form of dishonesty and we do not want others to be dishonest to us. Meanwhile, reporting the incident of smuggling to proper authorities addresses the second criterion, wherein, if tables

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