Case Study : Employees Corruption And Human Resource Management At Indonesian Customs Office

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Introduction Customs officials and corruption are the two things that have always been a problem faced by almost all customs organisations in many countries, including in Indonesia. Corruption by Indonesian customs officials not only led the organisation did not reach its goals, yet the effectiveness of the organisation is being questioned. Even more, this catastrophic circumstance causes the state suffered heavy losses due to the partial loss of tax corruption and also creates a high cost for the traders due to the illegal payment. As a consequence, it is obvious that the government should curb the issue of corruption, specifically from its human resources perspective and the organisation as a whole to be more effective and efficient to run its business process and give the best services to the stakeholders. Therefore, this essay will outline the issue of corruption by Indonesian customs officials, the theory of human resource management under public management theory and the solution to overcome with human resources issues within the customs organisation.

Problems For many years, corruption in Indonesian customs organisation has become the main issue for the government of Indonesia. It is mainly because most of customs activities are vulnerable to corruption due to the fact that customs officials have the discretionary power to determine how much taxes should impose on…

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