Case Study: Edward Marshall Boehm Inc.

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Register to read the introduction… The management of Boehm Inc. is the backbone of the internal environment. One problem we found with Boehm Inc. was the leadership quality. Boehm specifically says, “We want to further the position the company for the long run”. Going along with Boehm’s vision and mission, if his company wanted to plan for the future, what happens when Mr. Boehm passes on? Boehm passed away in 1969. They still sell his products today but are they selling his products with another vision and mission? If Boehm was so focused on people recognizing his vision and mission, why didn’t he think to have other sculptors come in so that when the time comes they can continue to make products based on his vision? This is a question that cannot be answered but clearly there was a lack of leadership. Boehm used his external environment to make his internal environment better. EX. Boehm found that customers liked his dogs and horses but wanted his birds, so he started creating more exotic and large bird …show more content…
Boehm has a very functional online store. We think that because technology is so important now, Boehm could use the online site for something more than just selling. Boehm’s Vision and Mission, because they were so important should be expressed on the site. By giving a brief description of the animals and nature around them, people can understand the importance of the animal itself and the work that Boehm has done. Secondly Boehm should start immediately to find more artists that can continue creating pieces like Edward Marshall Boehm did. Not any artist is capable of doing such tasks. These artists must be well known and appreciate the charm of nature and the loveliness of animals. Another suggestion is for Boehm to find more stores to sell his pieces. These stores should be located in the states we mentioned before (Alaska, California, Oregon, Montana, Colorado). Lastly, we think that Mr. Boehm’s company should open a new line of products, Jewelry. Jewelry is always in high demand. By creating a Jewelry line, Boehm Inc. can bring in new customers and another smaller price range of products. By doing so, Boehm’s vision and mission can be carried out in places that have some of the most well known nature and animals around. Boehm should not lose out on their biggest opportunity, to expand into new

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