Case Study : Easton Hospital 's Possible Capital Partner Essay

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The activity on negotiation was remarkable. Our team was tasked on being Tenet Healthcare, Easton Hospital’s possible capital partner. The bottom-line of our negotiation is centered on reduction of the current number of 369 beds to a targeted 275-bed capacity, streamline the management and staff to about 25% to offset the reduced bed capacity, establishment of union for employees’ benefit and lastly, given that Easton Hospital is a not-for-profit institution, Tenet is geared on the cutback of care for the indigent from the previous reported $4M of unaccounted costs to a much more viable amount of $1M.

During the commencement of the meeting, the other party, being the Easton Hospital set off the atmosphere for negotiation. Their legal representative, Taylor Paris initiated their concerns and their objectives. They started laying their cards down with transferring the number of their indigent patients to nearby hospitals and their stand on non-reduction of staff as well as the bed capacity.

These salient concerns jump started the negotiation on the part of our company, through our well-versed representative, Trevor Swanson. From further research, I realized that we were employing both distributive and mutual gain negotiation process model. For the distributive, both parties trying to claim the maximum amount of value of their objectives. It was noted that there were several competitive interactions, especially on the part of Tenet who was mostly opposed to the…

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