Case Study : Don Pepper And Martha Rogers

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Don Peppers and Martha Rogers developed the concept of One-to-One Marketing in 1994
The theory behind one to one marketing if practiced correctly can increase the value of your customer base. The idea is simple: One to on marketing is also called relationship marketing or customer relationship management. This means being willing and able to change your behavior toward and individual customer based on what the tells you and what else you know about the customer. Apparently companies have jumped on the bandwagon without proper preparation. The mechanics of implementation are complex. It one thing to train a sales staff to be warm and attentive; it’s quite another to identify, track, and interact with an individual customer and reconfigure your product or service to meet that customer’s needs.
There are four key steps for putting a one-to-one marketing program to work: identifying your customers, differentiating among them, interacting with them, and customizing your product or service to fit each individual customer 's needs. Identifying your customers. To launch a one-to-one initiative, your company must be able to locate and contact a fair number of its customers directly, or at least a substantial portion of its most valuable customers. It 's critical to know customers in as much detail as possible: not just their names and addressable characteristics (such as addresses, phone numbers, or account codes), but their habits, preferences, and so forth. And not just a snapshot

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