Case Study: Domino's Pizza

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1.0 Introduction
Domino’s Pizza is a pizza delivery and take-out restaurant chain. It was founded as a one-store operation in 1960 by brothers Tom and James and in 1965, the company was renamed Domino’s Pizza. Nowadays Domino’s Pizza is one of the leading Pizza chain worldwide. The company has more than 8,700 stores in 50 countries, 5000 of them are in USA. Around 10,500 employees are working with the company. Domino’s Pizza has built strong reputation through its history as a trusted doorstep delivery restaurant, besides its support to the local communities

Domino’s Pizza was involved in a viral crisis situation when two employees posted video of contaminated food on YouTube in April 2009. Domino's learned of the video after it being
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Meeting with leaders and the heads of each department or business units to identify the proper communications channels by answering the following questions;
• Which of stakeholders do the company need to communicate with directly?
• What is the best way to communicate with them directly (phone, email, Facebooketc.)?
• Do the company have legal obligations to notify any stakeholders in a particular way - and if so in what types of crisis scenarios? For instance, do the company has certain key stakeholders that require it to provide them with written notice in a certain type of crisis scenario? Is that written notice to be provided via certified letter or does email suffice?
• Which channels do the organization engage its stakeholders on regularly (e.g.: Twitter, Facebook, an investor or internal website, etc.)?
• What apps, platforms and technology do its stakeholders use in their daily lives that may present a unique means of communicating with them directly
I think Domino’s pizza select the best media during the crisis when they respond by a positive video on the same channel, YouTube, to fight the negative one
4.2- Drafting and having crisis communications

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