Case Study : Discount Tire Company Essay

1732 Words Oct 10th, 2016 7 Pages
There are many factors that appeal to leaders why organizational change is needed in today’s business to stay competitive. Weiss (2016) noted “Factors such as technology and globalization have made the world far more interconnected” (p. 4). These factors can create more risks and opportunities for organizations to succeed or fail. Change management is inevitable, in order to successfully bring an organization into the twenty-first century, leaders must recognize this, develop plans and successfully execute them to remain relevant in today’s economy. This paper will provide an overview of Discount Tire Co. and diagnose the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and present a plan using Kotter’s eight-step change process and describe the necessary steps for leadership to incorporate that will catapult Discount Tire Company into the number one tire company in the world. Discount Tire Co. was founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1960, by Bruce Halle. Discount Tire Co. is one of the world 's largest tire and wheel retailers. The company does business under the trade name Discount Tire in most parts of the United States and America 's Tire in Oregon, and parts of Washington and California. Discount Tire Co. operates a chain of tire and wheel stores across 31 states in the United States. It operates 922 stores selling tires, wheels, and accessories. Along with offering products for general use, the company also offers a range of products and services for use in specific…

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