Erickson Developmental Theory

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Developmental Age: Growth and Development
According to Erickson’s developmental theory, patient is in Middle adulthood in the Generativity vs. Stagnation stage. Erikson argued that when adults focus too exclusively on the dependence of their children, they may forget about the importance of their own dependence on the next generation (Jensen, 2014, p.166).
During this stage adults suffer from changes in their physical state such as andropause and some of the health concerns at this point are health screening such as prostate – specific – antigen (PSA), stress reduction, healthy lifestyle strategies and adjustment to life transitions. Many of the pathologic processes, especially in older men, that contribute to erectile dysfunction include
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Ensure the heels are free from the surface of the bed by using a pillow under the calves to elevate the heels (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442). Decrease pain level from 6 to 3 if possible in 2 hours post medication. ????

Risk for Injury
Nursing Interventions Rationale Goals and Outcomes Evaluation
Provide assistance for ambulation Immobility and inactivity reduces patient’s ability or desire to independently change position. Poor sensory perception decreases patient’s ability to feel the sensation of pressure or discomfort (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442). Patient should not experience any falling incidence throughout hospital stay. Goal was met, not falling incidence during the shift.

Instruct the patient to call for assistance. Immobility and inactivity reduces patient’s ability or desire to ambulate. Patients need to call the nurse or physical therapist to help them get out of the bed (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442).
Explain to the patient to recognize signs and symptoms of the side effects of the medication such as dizziness, black vision, etc. Medications such as metoprolol can cause dizziness and black Vision. Avoid mobility when having these symptoms will prevent patients to fall or cause a major injury to themselves (Perry & Potter, 2014,
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Exercise will be helpful for patients to get the muscle strength back. (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442).

Impaired skin tissue integrity
Nursing Interventions Rationale Goals and Outcomes Evaluation
Perform ongoing wound assessment. Observe patient’s skin constantly to check for skin change coloration, localized heat or edema (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442). Patient skin and tissue injury will be reduced within 2-4 weeks.
Brownish drainage will be reduced or minimized within a week. Goal not met during the 4 hours shift.
Clean the wound and apply dressing as order.

Dressings should be change according to the doctor’s order to avoid any skin breakdown (Perry & Potter, 2014, 442).
Use of the foot pump to increase circulation and maintain pressure. Foot pumps help to stimulate the circulation of the leg as if the patient were walking normal.
Administrating pain medication prior to dressing changes as needed. Pain medication should be given 30 minutes before any procedure and before the inset of the pain.


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