Case Study: Destination For Honeymoon

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Destination for Honeymoon: Taking Romance to the Next Level

Most newlyweds look forward to the honeymoon stage for it is your ‘time alone’ as a couple. It is also a real celebration, minus the crowd of well-wishers and the last minute concerns involved in a wedding party. For this reason, choosing the perfect destination for your honeymoon can give you the best time of your life, which is a great way to start your marriage.

Europe, the old country, offers fantastic honeymoon destinations that you may want to consider.

1. Switzerland

Honeymooners can bask in the alpine coolness of the country, calling for a romantic snuggle even in summer. The country has a German, French and Italian region, offering diverse activities not only in culture
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Be lovers in Paris, the city of romance. An “a la Francaise’ honeymoon has to include a visit to the quaint villages of Eze or St. Jean du Cap. You may also want to visit the posh St. Tropez to complete your Parisian experience. Naturally, you may want to see Venice and be serenaded by a gondolier as you pass through the Grand Canal.

4. Italy

The eternal city, Rome, will have its own allure being rich in tradition and culture. However, honeymooners can also have a romantic getaway in Italy’s islands. The island of Capri takes you to the Amalfi Coast and its turquoise waters bathed in beauty and tranquillity. Meanwhile, the island of Sardinia boasts of beautiful beaches and picturesque towns.

5. Greece

Have a Greek honeymoon and be awed by Santorini’s sapphire waters and amazing cuisine. A honeymoon in Greece will not be complete without a Greek island cruise sailing in the clear waters of Caldera where Atlantis is believed to lie. You may also visit Rhodes, Crete or Cyprus for an exotic Mediterranean experience.

The United States, the new world, offers a diverse honeymoon destination with its unique
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The island of Hawaii offers the whole package with its pristine beaches, hidden coves, world class hotels, sumptuous cuisine, diverse water sports, natural beauty, and its perfect weather. You may choose the perfect setting for your honeymoon in any of the tourist-islands of Kauai, Maui or the more private Lanai.

7. Napa Valley, the California wine country

Spend your honeymoon sipping wine and enjoying the quiet life in the California vineyards. Not only will you be treated with gourmet dining but will find relaxation in the grand estates and the natural beauty of the place.

8. New York

If you love the theatre and the urban scene, New York offers the best in everything. You can watch the latest Broadway show, get pampered in the city’s world class hotels or go on a shopping spree in its famous shops. Naturally, you may want to have a romantic stroll in Central Park and visit the Empire State Building.

9. Florida

Enjoy the Florida sun for your honeymoon. You can choose a honeymoon destination from many options like a visit in the city of Miami, the Florida Keys, or in the classy Palm Beach and Boca Raton. You may simply enjoy being a young couple visiting Disneyland in Orlando or perhaps go for the fast tracks in Daytona. Meanwhile, Cape Kennedy offers beautiful beaches and spectacular sunsets.

10. Niagara

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