Case Study: Delegation Of Responsibilities

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Delegation of Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the Superintendent of Schools for Jackson/Madison County School System are to implement the Strategic Diversity plan in all schools, to educate school and community leaders, to report to committee members in regards of goals and mission, and to make necessary changes to the plan. District leaders and Superintendent will train administration in the plan and delegate to building level administrators and their faculty and staff the building level implementation. Building level administrators will implement their own diversity plan committees and inform Superintendent about specific building-level goals that may be added to system plan.
The Strategic Diversity Plan is to be made publically
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It is through our students that world change must occur and that differences among all individuals may be respected. It is within the realm of educators to create an improved society for our future. To reiterate, “If Americans are to demonstrate pluralistic attitudes, educators must teach all students about diversity” (Koppelman, 2014, p. 175). Jackson/Madison County Schools makes a commitment to create a curriculum and environment based on pluralistic attitudes and to provide the necessary costs and arrangements to achieve the district’s goals. It is through these practices and this position that educators will teach students the mindset needed to contribute to society and to be successful in a world outside of the school system. It is the vision of the system that this plan be thoughtfully and thoroughly studied beginning immediately and be implemented by all schools by January of 2016 and district goals met by May of …show more content…
He has a master’s degree in biology and is currently pursuing his doctorate of Education with an emphasis in STEMS. He has adamantly and vocally advocated for diversity in the district for the past 15 years and has founded School Climate Committees across the district.
Kim Cagle- Parent: Kim and her husband Don have 3 children in our school system. Their youngest son is in middle school and two older are in high school. They have one gifted child, and all 3 boys are involved in after school activities such as baseball and Beta Club. Her oldest son serves on the Diversity Team at his school. Kim’s outspoken nature will be vital to the system’s cause. She has substitute taught in the system for over 10 years and has shown great interest in school policies. She is well versed in communication within and outside of the school systems.
Jared Myracle- Community Leader: Jared is a single father with 2 children in our school system. He has an Educational Specialist degree in school psychology and thoroughly understands the diverse needs of all types of students. During his service on the school board for 6 years, diversity has been the forefront of his improvement plan. Jared is a foreman in finding community resources to improve programs. He can speak from the point of view of one who thoroughly understand the psychology of

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