Case Study: Cronicas De Mistmantle

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Cronicas de Mistmantle
Urchin de las Estrellas Fugaces

Everything started in a day were all the stars were falling from the sky, a little baby squirrel was born and abandon in a place called Mistmantle, that night Father Fir was making sure that Mistmantle the place where all the animals were was safe , that same night he saw something in the ground , he got scared and surprised at the same time. Father Fir was an old porcupine and very religious animal. When he went to see the mysterious thing in the ground he said it dramatically “Oh my God“ ,and at that very moment he called Crispin which is a squirrel and the right hand of the King of Mistmantle. Fir and Crispin took the baby squirrel to Fir’s house and they thought, what would they
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Father Fir and Crispin did not want to tell Urchin that he was abandoned and left alone from his mother. Crispin thought of telling him, but Father Fir did not want to. That left them with a complicated decision. The big celebration started for Urchin’s 13th birthday, Father Fir was making sure was everything was okay because he wanted Urchin the have the best day of his life the bad news he was going to tell him. As Father Fir was planning on telling him the bad news after the party, when Urchin was having a good time with all his animal friends; the king then named Urchin the new king of Mistmantle because it was a tradition to a squirrel when they turn 13 to be king.After the party has done, they all went home; and Father Fir caller Urchin to go outside and meet him. Father Fir did not know how to tell him, he was scared of Urchin’s reaction. He said “Urchin yo know that when you were six, we told you that your parents died right?”. Urchin then hodded his head and looked at Father Fir with sad eyes and wondering why was reminding him of his past. Father Fir said again “Well that was not true;Crispin and I lied to you, your parents abandoned you, they did not die “.Urchin started crying of sadness his hair started to change color and pale. …show more content…
Hunk wanted to kill Crispin so bad , that he was looking for him everywhere . One morning Crisping went to Urchin’s castle looking for help , he told Urchin what he did and that to please help him , he remind Urchin that if it wasn't for Father Fir and Him he wouldn't be where he's now. Urchin let him stayed there he said “ I’ll let you stay here for a week, that’s it!” Crispin said “ Thank you so much “. Hack went to the castle looking for Crispin he asked Urchin “where are you hiding that burglar?”. Urchin asked “ which burglar?”. Hack looked at him and said “Crispin” he stole gold from me and run away , Urchin responded “ I do not have any idea of what you are talking about Hack” , Hack walked away furious. A week later Hack attacked Mistmantle , Urchin and all there people fighted till

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