Case Study: Corneas In The Congo

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In this case, Congo was in a state wherein civil war is dominant while our agency is working with 50 fifty blind people in the camp and so it is our duty to cater their needs based on their condition. It just so happened that the corneas being offered were only 20 pieces which is equivalent to only 10 recipients at a cost of 10 cases of medical supplies and a truck. Having these facts being laid down, we must now analyze whether it is valid to accept the 20 corneas or not.

In civil wars, it is evident that a lot of people are affected by any kind of attacks which result to injuries and if not treated, most of them die. Therefore, medical supplies are really important when civil wars are present like what is happening in the Congo. We may have 50 blind people who are in need of cornea transplant but it is said that despite their inability to see, they were able to cope up with this kind of condition. In terms of measuring the number of people that are being helped between the recipients and the other victims of the civil war, it is obvious that there are more people we can help if we keep the medical supplies in times of treating their injuries. If we are to help those blind refugees, the lives of more people are being sacrificed compared to them being helped whose lives are not at stake. The medical supplies are basically a need for the other victims because it is a chance to regain back their lives but the cornea transplant is more likely a want because it demands to desire for more than what is

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