Examples Of Narrative Writing On Officer Steven Works

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## Complaint - Officer Steven Works

On Sunday, August 27, 2017, I believe I was illegally detained and, under duress, presented my ID to Officer Steven Works. Steven Works was later joined by Sergeant Alan Sawyer.

I say detained as Mr. Works pulled his car in front of me, turned on his lights, told me to put my stuff on the hood of his car, and called for backup. Clearly, any reasonable person would assume they could not simply walk away from that situation.

While there was discussion with Officer Steven Works as to why I needed to present my ID and why I was stopped, Officer Works's argument, in the end, was basically that I, in the slightest of ways, misstepped when stepping down from the street curb at QT (onto the driveway, not the street)
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In my situation, this is clearly not trespassing as I was on the public road (not the land only for use by DCTA for the railroad) and I walked on the public street's left shoulder as Texas law allows when there was no sidewalk, which there was not. Still, any ordinary person would have the thought of possibly being arrested when once you cross the railroad tracks with a sign saying not to cross immediately before and then you see a police car pull out in front of you with flashing lights with a cop telling you to stop where you are. Again, I believe this was all to intimidate and harass me. Even more suspicious, he waited to make his u-turn to detain me until after I crossed the railroad …show more content…
- He stated that I had an attitude. I'm very confused about this. I simply expressed my opinions on the situation and that's what I told him. But I was respectful during the whole process (wanting to exercise your rights by itself is not a sign of disrespect). I even told him we'll just have to agree to disagree on our different opinions.
- He questioned me whether I thought that they were going to mess with me as being the reason I didn't want to give my ID. I never brought that issue up and found this a bizarre thing for him to say.
- When Officer Works basically said he only needed the slightest misstep to detain me and to ask for my ID Sergeant Alan Sawyer did not correct him (at least not while I was there) as the courts have established you need a level of reasonableness to detain someone, and one slight misstep does not meet that standard.
- And, finally, Sergeant Alan Sawyer said he couldn't wait to read my complaint. It seemed like he was trying to intimidate me from filing one as it would only be seen as a joke to him and something he could further harass me about if we were to interact

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