Case Study: Cognitive Behavior

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Dan Gallagher played by Michael Douglas is a prominent New York attorney who is happily married to Beth played by Ann Archer. Dan resides in Manhattan where he met Alexandra or Alex Forest played by Glenn Close editor for a publishing company. Dan’s wife Beth and his daughter, Ellen played by Ellen Hamilton Latzen, are away for the weekend. In Beth’s absence Dan has a desirous week-end affair with Alex. Dan thought that Alex was the type of woman who understood his position (married man) and that his week-end fling with her was just that a simple week-end fling. Alex falls in love with Dan and begins to cling to him, therefore his week-end fling with her was not suffice. As Dan tries to express to Alex he must go home now, the plot thickens, and as a result in a suicide attempt Alex slice her wrists. After Dan helps her bandage her wrists he finally leaves. Unbeknownst to Dan Alex displays cognitive …show more content…
The fifth treatment Sociocultural the therapist would look at how society may have an impact on Alex’s behavior, such as Dan and view how Dan may have contributed to Alex’s abnormal behavior and exacerbated her behavior even worse (, 2003).
The Best Perspective A psychiatrist by the name of Dr. David M. Allen, argues that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), only deals with simply problems. It is proven that CBT has been found to provide significant advantages in the treatment of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Days are fewer when patients must be hospitalized. The guidelines on CBT are more compliant. CBT treats Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and is supported to help individuals with borderline personality disorder than any other treatment. Suicide rates, less hospital stay, and self-injury is now at a minimum thanks to CBT (Leahy,

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