Case Study : Clinical Case Assessment Research Essay

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Term Paper Proposal: Clinical Case Assessment Research Paper
The character, Melvin Udall, from the film As Good As It Gets (1997), played by Jack Nicholson, will serve as the client for this case study. Previously, Melvin, a successful author, received a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder by his psychiatrist, Dr. Green. Recent changes in his life provoked a desire within Melvin to take his medication, and reestablish therapeutic sessions, after abandoning them two years ago. Factoring into this decision would be Carol, a waitress, who serves Melvin in his ritualistic visit to a restaurant. Upon learning of her plan to quit work, Melvin took drastic measures to assist her, ensuring she could continue her job, thereby not disrupting his compulsive routine. Moreover, Melvin has come to the realization he has developed a romantic interest in Carol. Alongside this relationship, Melvin has formed a connection with his homosexual neighbour, Simon, and his dog, Verdel. After Simon was victimized in a traumatic mugging, Melvin took Verdel into his apartment, for several weeks. Before this, he obsessively never allowed anyone to enter his apartment. Melvin unexpectedly bonded with Verdel, and Simon. Improving his social abilities within these relationships, while managing his OCD, is a new goal of Melvin’s. This paper will examine Melvin’s diagnostic symptoms, causes, prognosis, and treatment options, concluding with an exploration of the social…

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