Essay on Case Study : Chipotle, Chipotle And Chips, Please !

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Shawn Upadhyaya
Financial Accounting 101A
11 November 2016
Steve Ells, Chipotle and Chips, Please!
Founded in 1993, Chipotle sought out to create a health conscious casual fast food place and it has been a successful pioneer in that field, given its full history of the company. Taking advantage of the fact that burgers are on the decline amongst consumers and burritos are on the incline, as of the recent decades, Chipotle has been rapidly taking the business of America 's traditional fast food companies and despite a few costly mistakes when it comes to food contamination it has been named the King of Restaurant Chains having over two thousand locations world wide. In this essay we will be taking a look at Chipotle 's history as a company, their products, accounting practices and financial health. With all of these factors we are going to see if Chipotle would be a company worth investing in this modern day.
Steve Ells founded Chipotle. He ambitiously started Chipotle after completing culinary school. As a fast food company, he wanted to emphasize health conscious eating and source conscious eating. Meaning that he wanted to emphasize to his customers that they should be asking questions as to where the ingredients came from and was those particular ingredients humanely obtained. Chipotle runs an assembly line style set up to create your burrito, which ensures efficiency all the way from the empty tortilla to the giant burrito phase of the serving process. Upon…

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