Case Study : Chateau Chic, Inc. Essay

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Château Chic, Inc. is a rapidly growing global luxury lifestyle brand led by a world-class management team and the trendsetter designer Daniyell Payne. Since launching the company 's brand in 2010, Daniyell Payne has featured distinctive designs, materials, and craftsmanship with the highest standards. Mrs. Payne 's vision has taken our company from its humble beginnings as an American luxury sportswear house located at 502 S Fremont Ave, Tampa, FL. 33606 to a global accessories, apparel, and beauty company.
It is our intention to provide women with the largest selection of top quality merchandise at bargain prices. Furthermore, during the start-up phase of this project, Château Chic, Inc. secured a $300,000 business loan. In addition to this, the company was financed with $140,000 of the owner 's money along with receiving $200,000 investment from Daniyell 's parent and relatives. The start of cost is $660,000. Our sale and forecast chart represents the progression of the company 's growth from 2016 to 2018. We project sales to start off conservatively and increase extensively during the back to school specials and the holiday shopping seasons. The company anticipates about a 15% growth rate during the first year, so customers can learn about our business through marketing outreach and community involvement. However, in 2017 and 2018, we look to increase our revenue to 20% or more due to company awareness and market share.
Our brand and reputation celebrates American…

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