Case Study : Change Management Process Essay

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Analysis My analysis is that since change management has various components, it is pertinent that they are considered during a change management process. Some of the components will be briefly mentioned below:
 Readiness: This is being able to assess an organization’s readiness to change. Assessing readiness takes into consideration the hospital’s assessment, employee assessment, and even change assessment. By doing this, one will assess the groups that will be greatly affected by the change, how much of the change has already started and what sort of resistance can be expected, and from who (“Change Management Process / Prosci,” n.d).
 Communication: Like I explained initially, communication is key in change management but it does not end there. You must consistently and persistently communicate clearly with the employees so that they totally understand (“Change Management Process / Prosci,” n.d). To have effective communication, the following should be considered; Who is listening? What are you communicating? When are you communicating?
 Managers’ Training ahead of change management. It is pertinent to gain the support and trust of managers and supervisors because they will be instrumental to the success or the failure of the change being proposed. Training should be given to these leaders to help them through the change process, including on how to use the change management tools with other employees.
 Management of Resistance: Getting resistance from employees…

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