Essay on Case Study : Cee 1440 Water Resources Engineering

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Carolyn Wehner
CEE 1440 Water Resources Engineering
Take-Home Final Exam
Due: 12/14/16

With changing climates, ice caps melting more rapidly therefore causing the water levels of the world to rise rapidly. With this increase of fluid water on the earth water resources engineers are concerned how the excess water will affect infrastructure pertaining to water designs such as dams and reservoirs. Also future engineering designs will have to consider the change in water levels and precipitation events.

(60 points) Consider the case that due to climate changes, the existing design of the reservoir and the pipe system in an urban and residential area within a watershed (see Figure 1 below) can no longer handle the floods or sustain the droughts. Impacts of the climate changes on the watershed in this case is manifested in having higher frequency of larger rainfall events (flooding) as well as a longer period of a dry season (drought). In other words, although the mean annual precipitation amount over multiple years may remain the same, higher intensity rainfalls have now occurred more often, and at the same time no-rain periods are also prolonged. For the given site, the reservoir is located in the upstream portion of the watershed while the pipe system is located in the lower portion and close to the watershed outlet. Please answer the following questions. If you need to make any assumptions, please clearly state them.
(1) List all the data…

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