Essay about Case Study : ' Carlie '

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Case Study: Carlie “Carlie has been a client at a local mental health center on and off for several years. She usually returns to therapy when she experiences symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts Carlie begins attending the weekly support group for clients with mental health and substance use issues. Carlie is a 26-year-old single woman who has been living with her boyfriend, Stephen who is unemployed. She and Stephen have an extensive history of heroin use. Shae states that her father abused heroin and left her family at age twelve. By age fourteen, Carlie began using alcohol and marijuana and subsequently she dropped out of school at age sixteen. She has been with Stephen and using heroin for the past eight years. Within the group counseling setting Carlie tells the members that she currently uses one-half gram of heroin in order to function each day. Carlie readily admits to engaging in prostitution to pay for rent and heroin. Additionally, she admits she has begun drinking a bottle of wine before working the streets along with Klonopin for anxiety. With Stephen as well as her “clients” on the street, she has engaged in unprotected sex, now she hasn’t had a menstrual cycle in three months accompanied by swollen, tender breasts. Carlie is fairly certain that she is pregnant with Stephen’s child. He wants her to keep the baby, but she is not sure that she can stop using alcohol and drugs. She asks the group for advice. Several members insist that she should stop…

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