Case Study : Business Policy And Strategy Essay

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Daren Johnson
MG485-44: Business Policy and Strategy
Instructor Name: Prof. Stacy Crawford
Date: 01/1/2015

Case Based Component Paper #1

Johnson, pg. 1
The Natural Physical Environment
It virtually impossible for a company to design a strategy without a deep understanding of its external environment. Once management has outlined the aspects of the environment that has an impact on the business, they are in a better position to accurately determine the firm’s competitive advantage. It is with this in mind, that Apple Inc, a big American company had an ardent interest with a hub on conception and making consumer electronics and intimately connected softwares.
Apple Inc, since its inception as Apple Computer is world renowned for their exquisite personal Macintosh personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s respectively (Hill & Jones, 2004). Apple Inc, main aim is to continue striving to create products that are the best. This commitment and passion is reflected in how they think about environmental responsibility. Despite the fact that Apple has managed to create substantial value in this highly competitive personal computer industry, by innovating and shaping a path considerably different from the rest of the large competitors in the industry it is a known fact that in spite of the many benefits Apple has created for itself, rigid competition within the industry and other external factors still present arduous challenges to the firm.…

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