Case Study : Business Management Decision Making Essay

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Business Management Decision Making

Business Management Decision Making
LaNon A. Edwards
Ivy tech
Principles of Management

Q: The video suggests that the rational brain is less effective in making decisions than the emotional brain because the rational brain can process far less information. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Yes, I agree as we don 't generally utilize our rational brain that much by any means. Rather, we depend on our enthusiastic or emotional brains for most choices when we have to decide between different options. We don 't precisely evaluate the alternatives and afterward arrive at a conclusion, regardless of how engaging that sounds as a clarification. Things being what they are the present environment of data over-burden will probably prompt a more prominent measure of emotional choice making (Chen, 2014). Human cerebrum research has proposed that, as our personalities have more to process, the probability to choose emotions to make a decision is increasing. It bodes well that less time for reflection will prompt more choices that appear to be irrational.
The good thing about emotions is that perform very well in order to reduce and assured our reasoning that as a result increase the chances of reasoning more fully. In the event that we can distinguish which choices can be tended to inwardly, we create the chance to settle on more unpredictable choices soundly. Emotion?s…

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