Case Study : Burger King 's Cafe Essay

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INTRODUCTION :- It is very important for every businessman to understand each and every aspects of his business. To be successful in business, it is very important to have good planning and flexible in approach. He should have the skill to deal with every aspect of the business . His aims and objectives must be very clear to him. He should make efforts for achieving them.
Burger kings conducted research and wants to increase their customers so they decided to open King’s café. It is a correct decision. The success of the King’s café depends upon the quality of the food products provided. Burger king should take into account different aspect like competitors, financial status etc. But there are four major factors which affects the sale so Burger king should keep in mind the following factors :- a Legal b Ethical c Cultural d Industry
1> LEGAL :-Whenever you think to start a business, you should keep in mind the legal issues. It is very important to keep in mind the legal issue for the success of any business. Everything in any business directly or indirectly depends upon its legal part from its name to structure to operation or execution of the business. It is very important for the owner of the business to keep in mind legal issues . A few of them are follows :- a . Business Structure :- One of the most important legal issue which is need to be kept in mind for Burger king is the structure of the business . Burger king should choose that business structure…

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