Case Study: Bunch O Barbecue

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Bunch O' Barbecue!
Bunch O' Barbecue!
Ask any Cebuano what Larsian is and they will know it. Imagine a food court, a food court is a large place with different vendors selling their different food items. Larsian is just like that, except that all the vendors essentially sell the same thing. In this case, barbecue. And a whole lot of it, different cuts of the chicken and pork are available here, including different varieties of seafood as well. If you are culinary adventurous, almost every part of the chicken can be found here. Liver, neck, skin, intestines, and the heart. Give it a shot! It's not too bad. In my opinion, Larsian is an experience, it is something that every tourist should do should be part of your travel list.

Select your meats!
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This is present in most places around Cebu, specifically in places where the food items they offer have been deep fried. It creates the sauce, in Cebuano it is called "sawsawan". The yellow bottle contains vinegar (suka) and the transparent bottle contains soy sauce (toyo). This is what you call the base and in most places this is what you get. The add ons however, are the calamansi and the chili pepper. So after making the base, you squeeze out a calamansi and you put one or two chili's in there, use your utensil to break open the chili's and what you have now is a dipping sauce for your barbecue and it's a balance of salty, sweet, sour and …show more content…
This is the plastic hand or plastic bag! We use this to eat with at some establishments, mostly barbecue places, or places that sell deep fried or street food. This way, they save on the cost of buying utensils and washing them. And truthfully, i am quite alright with it! Plus, it's kind of fun actually. The good thing is that they increased the size. There were times that my plastic bag broke because my hand was too big. Now another tip, most of the time they only give you one. You could always ask for another one for your other hand but otherwise, place it on your dominant eating hand.

So now you know how to make sawsawan and what the plastic bag is for. I can't entirely teach you how to eat with it. You can create your own style. But generally, and this is how i do it although i am not entirely sure if i myself am correct also. But it works! The food goes inside my mouth! I also don't hold my chopsticks the same way everybody else does, but i can pick up the food, and that is what matters right? So, back to the plastic hand, i basically grab the food and use my thumb to shove into my mouth. It works for me! Cebuano's call this "kinamot" or "eating with your hands). I don't know if my technique is the right one, if you have a different one. Please

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