Performance Management Proposal Essay

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2.1 Building trust between departments
The effect of the previous CEO’s instilled culture is still visible when the departments interact with each other. The fear of reprimand of non-performance and inefficiency is evident in the way how the departments blame each other instead of accepting responsibility for their department’s performance. To rebuild the trust between departments to levels of 2013 it is essential to create a safe work environment, without fear for reprimand which is focussed on high performance to drive the bottom line and keep the shareholders satisfied. The appointment of the new CEO which is trusted by the employees is a step toward rebuilding trust.
As a natural consequence of the different departments blaming
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Firstly, Communication Improves. The communication between employee and manager occurs more frequently and thus, they agree on changed objectives. By doing this, it ensures that the employee have an input. Secondly, the Rules are known by everyone. A well-structured Performance Management system effectively benefits both employee and management. By entering a process with better levels of confidence, as the "rules” are clearly stipulated, the outcome results in the achievement of that both employees. Thirdly, the objectives are adaptive. By conducting more frequent reviews, objectives can be adjusted and modified to suit the changing business conditions. This dramatically increases the probability that the objectives will be accomplished. Fourthly, Employees start to learn and develop. Most Performance Management systems require managers and employees to commit to a development plan. When employees experience a real personal development, they become more engaged with the organization (MidAtlantic Employers' Association, 2015). It is therefore observed that this particular organisation is lacking in communcaition and

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