Case Study: Brinkerhoff International Inc.

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Register to read the introduction… In order to facilitate the training, scheduled leadership trainers will work with 2 managers at a time starting with the lowest performing rigs. The goal is to train all current managers within 3 years and to make the training process an ongoing requirement for future management positions. The purpose of targeting managers to receive leadership training is because they have the most people-to-people contact. Managers have the responsibility of communicating between high level administrators, other managers, and lower level rig workers. We believes quality trained managers will create the largest marginal growth in the long …show more content…
Cost of reengineering and restructuring may too much for the company to bear at its current stage.
Course of Action: Reengineering and Restructuring
After careful study, EDGE believes that reengineering and restructuring Brinkerhoff will increase productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction by significant percentages. Although we place a crucial focus on reengineering the organization, the inclusion of various other solutions noted throughout this analysis are essential. After the initial redefining of organizational strategy and roles, the remaining actions will be addressed respectively: (1) create a modified mechanistic model, (2) train management to have greater leadership skills, (3) motivate the employees to increase productivity, job enrichment, and satisfaction, (4) enhance communication between management and employees, and (5) create a lasting ethical, hard-working, respectful culture. Potential risks associated with these changes include resistance from employees, a brief transition period characterized by minimal productivity, and significant cost increases. To reduce setbacks, we stress that organization wide changes must be considered first and foremost. Adequate training and monthly meetings will serve as grounds for communicating with the employees so they are included in organizational decision making. Please refer to Appendix A and B for the proposed schedule and the cost analysis to ascertain the feasibility of reengineering and restructuring Brinkerhoff International

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