Case Study : Bill And Leslie Essay

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Case Vignette
Bill and Leslie, both African American and in their mid 30’s, married for 7 years, came in to counseling to work on their marriage. Bill is an attorney working approximately 70 hours a week while Leslie is the director of consumer services for a large telephone company. They have 2 children ages 3 and 5. Bill has another child from his prior marriage, in which he rarely has any contact, but pays child support. Leslie is very supportive of the situation.. Leslie is concerned about Bill spending a lot of time with his female clients and arriving home at night, which lead her to feel unappreciated. She also wishes that Bill would take on more responsibility around the house and with the children. Both are feeling very frustrated about what 's going or what 's not going on between the two of them. Bill wants better communication and wants Leslie to be more understanding of what he is trying to accomplish for the family.
Case Conceptualization
Introduction to Client and Significant Others
Leslie and Bill have been married for seven years and have 2 children, ages three and five. Bill has another child from his prior marriage. Leslie works fulltime as the director of customer services for a telephone company and Bill is an attorney at a law firm.
Presenting Concerns
Bill works long hours, sometimes working 70 hours per week. Leslie is apprehensive about her husband working late, which majority are females clientele. She also wishes that Bill would take on more…

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