Case Study : Bega Cheese ( Ltd ) Has Radically Change Management

1472 Words Nov 10th, 2016 6 Pages
In rapidly changing and competitive business environments, change is recurrent and complex, yet inevitable. This case study highlights how Bega Cheese (Ltd) has utilised change management to evolve from its origins as a modest dairy cooperative, steeped in traditional values and ethical principles, and in possession of a strong culture focused on change and opportunity, into Australia’s leading manufacturer of dairy products with over 100 years of successful trading history and an annual turnover of over $400 million. Prepensely, through adoption of a mindset commensurate with constant incremental change, Bega Cheese (BC) has pursued and experienced dramatic growth and success, earning their reputation as a key international player in the dairy market. BC possess a clear vision and mission, underpinning their commitment to quality and innovation, in both product and production, in all that they do and achieve. Propelling this success, their vision is coupled with deliberate and conscious, long-term strategic planning processes, placing emphasis on expansion of their export market to enhance market share, a skilled workforce to support that expansion, and creation of strategic partnerships to boost and sustain their competitive advantage.
The growth BC have accomplished in the last 20-30 years, was preceded by more modest achievements within their industry. Due to the nature of their business context, the cooperative structure served BC well; their traditional values and the…

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