Case Study-Barrio Bantog Essay

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Hacienda Luisita in Central Luzon constituted the largest unified sugar hacienda in the Philippines with an area of 6,000 hectares. It was operated by Jose Cojuangco & Sons as part of their integrated sugar central, Central Azucarera de Tarlac (CAT). There were nine barrios in Hacienda Luisita, each barrio had its own overseer, and each had a barrio captain. Barrio Bantog was located on Hacienda Luisita. There were four hundred thirty five people lived in Barrio Bantog, and the settlers lived with simple entertainment and few luxuries, one of the the accepted diversion was gambling. Jose Zaldo was an overseer of Barrio Bantog and Luis Calero was the barrio captain.
In 1964, Jose Zaldo was facing with an important decision,
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And he supervised the spending tax monies in the barrio for building and upkeep of school houses, reading centers and barrio hall.

The hacienda was also represented by the labor union and every barrio there was a resident director, who acted as the link between management and labor in the barrios; grievances and labor disputes were passed through labor union directors. Jose Zaldo was the overseer and Luis Calero was the barrio captain and director of the labor union.

The gambling in Hacienda Luisita had always been considered and became a practice of the people. Although, in late 1962, there was a campaign by CAT management against gambling, the incidence of gambling in the barrio Bantog was not totally ended, it was just reduced. There were strong economic reason why gambling in Barrio Bantog should be curtailed, as workers would find themselves owing their entire year's salary for their gambling debts mounted before they had even received it.

During the harvesting season, these regards became more important, Jose was positive that the management had observed the drop in efficiency in his field workers. And he was sure also that the things would not become better as long as the captain's gambling was still carry on

VI. Alternative Courses of Action

1. Compel the councils in pushing through the law against gambling.

The CAT Management or the council of Hacienda Luisita must push through in making or creating laws

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