Case Study: Baria Planning Solutions - Fixing the Sales Process

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Case Study: Baria Planning Solutions, Inc.

Case Overview
Baria Planning Solutions (BPS), Inc. was founded in 1997 and is a publically traded firm with $95 million in annual sales. BPS helps its customers reduce procurement costs and improve the performance of their suppliers. BPS uses a combination of software, data analysis, project management and consulting to scrutinize its customers’ spending categories, identify sources of potential savings through initiatives such as supplier consolidation and purchase standardization, and implements procurement and change-management projects to realize those savings. Over the past several years larger competitors such as SAP and Accenture entered this market, captured share and caused smaller
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What aspects of the sales process are most valued by customers? * In Brandon Ali’s email to Christy Connor he felt they had serious problems with their win-loss rate for the 2010 calendar year. Of the 217 qualified new sales opportunities that arose in 2010 the win rate is projected to be at around 15.5% with the goal being 17.5%. Another thing he noted was how they has consistently achieved a renewal rate of between 91% and 92% in years past, but in 2010 they were at 84%. He also noted that sales group directors were complaining that sales people don’t get the timely assistance they need because they are only partly organized along the same industry. This has led to the sales people missing proposal deadlines for several opportunities causing customers to have a diluted impression of the company’s abilities. * After BPS completed its string of the acquisitions the firm was under tremendous pressure to get costs under control. Yet, at the same time they knew it was imperative that they maintain an industry-centric, consultative sales process. Sales support staff should be aligned by industry sector to effective provide dedicated support for the sales group. They needed to stream line the sales support staff into industry specific expertise divisions. Effectively balance staffing constraints against the requirements for the industry. * Customers placed the most value on the accuracy and response times involved in the sales

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