Case Study : ' Ba Zynga ' Essay

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Case Brief #1 : BA-Zynga! Zynga faces trouble in Farmville

To limit the potential loss of a large number of talented employees, I would first increase employee engagement. First, I would recruit and train managers on how to create employee engagement. According to the textbook, employee engagement is a “combination of job satisfaction, ability and a willingness to perform for the organization at a high level and over an extended period of time” (Lussier and Hendon 6). The employees at Zynga are working long hours and are stressed due to the work environment. If the employees are not satisfied where they they are working, then productivity will be low and if they decide to leave, it will cost the company thousands of dollars. According to the, a dysfunctional turnover can hurt a company and it consists of talented employees leaving the company with “hard-to replace skills.” If so many talented employees leave the company, then the company will have to replace the employees and it will require a lot of time and cost money to train the new employees.
Also, every organization has a different culture, so it will take time for the new employees to adapt to the company. The employees will have to learn how the company operates as every organization works differently.
As the HR director of Zynga, I would also implement a health benefits plan such as a 401K plan. Not every business offers health benefits and many times employees will leave a job that provides…

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