Case Study: Australia and New Zealand Essay

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Cierra Miller
Australia and New Zealand: Doing Business with Indonesia 1. Using this case and the cultural dimensions explored in this chapter, discuss some of the ways in which citizens of Australia and New Zealand are members of cultures very different from any other in Asia.
There are many differences between New Zealand and Australia, and Asia. Even though New Zealand and Australia are neighbors to Asia they hold very different cultural values. For example, in the Indonesian culture, it’s important to build and maintain long-term relationships to be successful and to produce a profit. In contrast, New Zealand and Australia rely on shared expectation such as how first contacts are made, how deals are closed, and how
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In addition, Javanese which refers to self-control, is a strong value that is held not only by Indonesia, but is shared by many other countries of Asia. In the workplace, Indonesian managers focus on maintaining a good relationship with their employees by making considerations for individual cases, cultural needs, and sensitivity for their employee’s needs. In contrast, Western managers mentality is that “time is money,” whereas getting the job done has more precedence over developing a relationship. On the other hand, the Indonesian laid back management style has a downside because it can lead to inefficiency, less productivity and effectiveness. Nevertheless, Western managers who wish to do business in Indonesia must be willing to adjust to the Indonesian management style by being patient, willing to consider individual cases and cultural needs, and being sensitive to the needs of the employees. For example, Western managers should make accommodations for employees to have time off for prayer times or other religious obligations, time off for cemetery visits before Ramadan, weddings, and funerals. Secondly, sensitivity towards employees needs is critical in the Indonesian workplace because self-control is a high value to Javanese. For example, when someone loses their self-control through anger, distress, or confusion, Javanese will usually

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