Case Study Assigmnent Essay

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Case Study Assignment
PS-365 Applied Behavioral Analysis II

Case Study Assignment
Anxiety is define as a “vague uneasy feeling of discomfort or dread accompanied by an automatic response; the source is often nonspecific or unknown to the individual; a feeling of apprehension caused by anticipation of danger, it is a potential signal that warning of impending danger and enables the individual to take measures to deal with treat” (Taber’s, 1997). Anxiety disorders are classified as disorders such as panic disorders, agoraphobias, phobias, extreme avoidance of feared objects associated to distress or impairments. B. F. Skinner (1974) talking about this conditions state “It is often said that there is an intrapsychic life
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The difference between the systematic and the in-vivo is that in the systematic the client will imagine while in a stay of relaxation going from the least to the highest number. For example, a person that has phobias of dogs, during the relaxation we would start the client by starting in the number 10, the dog is at 25 feet. We will continue keeping the relaxation process and lowering the count until the dog is as near the client. If the client in any number start getting anxious we will reminded to keep relax and try to finish the test. Once the relaxation process is completed them we can perform an in-vivo procedure which is exposing the client to the phobic stimuli (McLeod, 2008). The advantage and disadvantages of both procedures are: Systematic Desensitization is highly effective where the problem is a learned anxiety to specific objects or situations. But systematic desensitization is a slow process and is not effective in treating serious mental disorders and only treats the symptoms of the disorder, not the underline cause (McLeod, 2008). 4) Design a behavior modification procedure for Marla and explain the rationale for your selection. Be sure to include a discussion of the behavior hierarchy, relaxation procedures and desensitization procedures.
In designing a plan for Marla, I would both the systematic desensitization and the in-vivo method as a behavior modification technique. First, by her working in an office where other people are constantly

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