Essay on Case Study: Are Five Heads Better Than One?

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Case Study: Are Five Heads Better Than One?

This case study involves an interactive team working for Advert marketing firm on a new ad campaign for one of the firm’s most important clients. The team of Evan, Conner, Alexis, Derek and Judy was picked by upper management based on their similar talents, personalities, and biographical features such as age and tenure at Advert. This group was tasked with creating an innovative ad campaign to promote a 60-inch plasma television. Due to Advert’s confidence in the team, they were given complete autonomy throughout the entire process of creating the campaign. During the initial discussion, the team selected an idea for the commercial and ran with it. Upon presenting the final product to
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Advert’s upper management should have selected a team with more diversity because the complete autonomy given to the marketing team led to the failure of the ad. A more diverse team would have fostered more creative and dynamic ideas. If the ages and personalities of the team members varied, there would have been a variety of ideas. With more ideas, it is possible that the ‘right’ idea would have been chosen. Had tenures been different, it may have prevented Conner from imposing his ill fated vision on the rest of the group. A longer tenured employee may have spoken out about Conner’s poor idea and helped avoid a flop. To go along with diversifying the group, Advert could have assigned a few marketing teams to the project. There would have been multiple ideas to decide from since each team would have an insight toward the ultimate goal of the client. The con to this solution is that it may have cost Advert too much money to compose two or more teams. However, if Advert added three more members to the team and split it into two teams of four, there would be a better chance of developing multiple, creative ideas for the ad. Upper management failed to realize this and put all of their trust into one team of five, which led to a disappointment. After losing one of their most important clients, it would have been wise for Advert to spend the extra time to select a more diverse group or the extra money to expand its marketing team.

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