Essay on Case Study : Apple Inc.

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The company I choose to do my report on is Apple Inc. This company has been around since 1977 and its corporation is in California. On September 27, 2014, this Company owned 19.7 million square feet of building space in the U.S. This company also has building space in Europe, China, Singapore and Japan. This company designs, and produces mobile communication devices media devices, computer devices, and music devices.
Apple’s products include the Iphone-one-two-three-four-four plus-six and six plus. Other devices include ipad’s and the Mac Books. Apple has created all iPod’s such as the iPod classic, iPod mini, iPod nano and finally, the iPod touch. This company has created many Apple televisions. Apple has a variety of software services, accessories and software applications. These software applications include the iOS, and OS and the icloud.
The iOS is the Company’s operating system that serves as the foundation for Mac Book devices. Apps that are mainly used for this is the Safari web browser, face time ,video calling maps, mail, contacts, calendar, clock,. The OS is the operating system for the Mac book. Apps that are mainly used for this is weather, calculator, notes, reminders, stocks, and compass, mail, safari web browser, Messages, calendar, and Ibooks. This company sells products worldwide, in retail stores and online stores.
Apple is always creating new and improved devices for their company’s growth. One example of this is the Apple watch. This watch is…

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