Case Study: Apple Computers

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Answering Questions Following years of work to achieve success and build recognition, the question that begs is why an established organization must change its name. This was the case with Apple Computers which changed its name to Apple Inc in 2007. Apple is a US multinational technology firm with its headquarters in California (Apple Inc). The company designs, creates and sells consumer electronics, internet services and computer software. Hardware products sold by the company include iPad, iPod, iPhone, portable media player and smartwatch among others. The consumer also sells consumer software including iTunes media player, iLife and macOS among others. Finally, the internet services include Apple Music, iTunes
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Apple strived to make devices that would form the pillar of digital living room. In this case, audio and visual content would be accessed on demand. In addition, the content could be networked across different devices (Forbes). However, just like was the case with the PC industry, the company experienced stiff competition. In the same week that the company brought its iPhone, its competitor Microsoft introduced the Home Server that sought to support digital content in one’s house. There were also other competitors like Sony that provided living room electronics over the years. The company had to walk strike a balance between ensuring its customers were locked into its platform so as to boost revenues and ensuring that the products are compatible with other devices. The decision for the company to change its name might not have had a direct effect on the business. However, it accomplished different things. First and foremost, it signaled the long-term strategy of the company to the workers. In addition, it restated the marketing message. Most important is the fact that it allowed the investors to make comparisons between Apple and other consumer electronics companies instead of only computer makers (Forbes). On the other hand, consumer electronics has often laid emphasis on valued design: this is the main strength of …show more content…
A number of strategies were considered to be in tandem with the new reality. First and foremost, Apple Inc had to ensure that its PC, wireless devices and home entertainment devices were converged (Forbes). This pointed to the fact that Apple gadgets like iPod and iPhone would continue growing in importance. With the new name and focus, the company brought different things to the market including sleek hardware and great software. It is clear that from 2007, Apple has been working hard to ensure that a personal entertainment system was integrated to a personal online music store. This would be accompanied by a more family-centered home video and stereo. In the event that Apple succeeds, it could still emerge triumphant against major competitors. There would be increased complexity with continued convergence of consumer electronics and the PCs. As a result, it is not clear whether rivals like Microsoft could maintain its dominance (Forbes). Supposing with market convergence Apple still wins, irrespective of whether it has lost out as far as the PC market is concerned, it will have the last laugh in the

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