Essay on Case Study : Andy 's Deli

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Andy’s Deli is located at 857 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221. For personal reasons the owner, Andy did not want his last name to be included in this interview. As I proceeded to ask my questions for this interview he had a huge grin on his face, “I have never been interviewed before and no one has really asked me for my opinion other than what sandwiches are good here”. Andy is forty-six years old and owns the bodega in northern Brooklyn that supplies almost everything you need daily, from snacks to soap. When he moved to Brooklyn from Columbia almost twenty-five years ago he decided to open up the store to make a living and provide money for his family. He decided on opening up a store because he worked in his father’s store growing up in Columbia and he really liked it. He wanted his store to provide everything people in the neighborhood needed so they wouldn’t have to go far and make it a hassle just to get a few items. Every morning Andy opens up his store at 7am and begins cooking bacon, eggs, sausages, and other breakfast items. He says he has to be fast because there are two schools down the block, Jesse Owens School P.S. 26 and Wreid Junior High school. He has to make sure breakfast is ready and made quickly so the children are not late for school. “The mornings on the weekdays are always the busiest because kids are always in a rush, they really test my patience”. Andy says the children really seem to like him and consider him a friend rather than a simple boring…

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