Case Study Analysis Essay

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Case Study Analysis
The Third Battle of Bull Run
The Disney’s America Theme Park (B)

Disney wanted to create a place that would bring everyone together, ironically it created division within the state because of the lack of research on public opinion. Disney is known for its family-oriented multi-billion dollar theme parks. They have built an empire off of diversity, history, unforgettable characters and fun. So why wouldn’t an American-theme theme park work in one the original thirteen states?

Virginia is as American as apple-pie. Many of our found fathers and other politicians made this state their home. Many debates and decisions that would shape our country were made here. Virginia played vital roles in both the American Revolution
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“Vincent, the speaker at Tuesday’s meeting of the Wichita Aero Club, said that in his surveys of business jet owners and operators, 4 percent cited public opinion as a reason they might not buy a new aircraft,”(McCoy). Many taxpayers believe that the wealthy owners of these jets were getting hefty tax breaks on what they felt was luxury purchases. The lack of research on public opinion, hindered the construction of the theme park. Disney didn’t take the time to woo the public into the idea. Instead they appealed to the politicians and came across as bulldozing their agenda and not truly and genuinely celebrating the history of America. Involving the community to embrace your project is challenging, but it worth it to have them behind you.


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