Case Study Analysis: Jive Software Essay

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Brief Analysis
During the years 2001 to 2004 of gradual development of Jive Systems, the company solidified its status as the fastest growing SBS Company in the industry, doubling the size of its workforce since 2008 and increasing full year revenue 85% from 2008 to 2009. Throughout this period of rapid growth and expansion, Jive relied on a variety of technologies to handle their sales forecasting process. Till they realized that their structure of business changing almost daily, Jive’s eccentric system struggled to keep up.
The structure was done in a haphazard manor. They were doing quota management in Excel, bookings and sales in Sales force and pipeline analysis in Cloud9 Analytics, which resulted in lack of all the information into
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The pros would be awarded for one’s own credit/work, examine the reps progress and the cons would be few areas covered compared to a pair, work overload, stress/ depression and time consuming.
Alternative coverage/quota mode – Have a marketer look after introductions, qualification and generation of opportunities, then bringing in the salesperson to discuss commercials and close the deal, you can create an effective pairing.
But the company must make sure that these pairs look after different territories, which could be geographic, vertical etc. The most important thing is to ensure there is no crossover, one can split by verticals, and we need to make sure to draw the lines and that no one company can sit in two verticals.

3. What are the merits of a quarterly vs. annual quota systems? What is the ideal length of a quota period? What are the adverse effects if the period is too long or short? Which quota period length is most appropriate for Jive?

Quarterly annual quota is effective as sales reps can measure their performances per quarter and rectify the problems in the next quarter thus avoiding a big blunder towards the end of the financial year. One can keep track, learn from the changing business environment and their targeted territories. Also if compensation is included in each quarter it can boost the competition of the sales rep. On the other hand long term quotas can be less stressful and the

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