Case Study: Affect, Behavior

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Thought Paper No. 1

I have one older sister who recently turned 21 who I am very close with. For the majority of the time she is very easy to get along with because she has a very sunny disposition, is very energetic, kind, and is has pretty solid communication (for the most part). However, she is an entirely different person when she is on her period because she suffers from Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, PMDD, which Mayo Clinic describes as, “…a severe, sometimes disabling extension of premenstrual syndrome.” The situation happened as I was returning home from a friend’s house: I was walking to my room upstairs (which is across from my sister’s) and assumed that my sister was upstairs because I could hear Netflix coming from her
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In my opinion, it was my sister’s Affect that was affecting her the most severely because not only was she in incredible pain and discomfort due to her menstrual cycle, but she has also been feeling very sad, stressed, and irritable recently because just she had to move back in with our parents because her boyfriend and her were evicted from their apartment because they were unable to pay the rent. So as far as her internal emotions go, I can infer that they’ve been pretty volatile recently, probably shifting from sadness to frustration to missing her boyfriend etc. While I am inferring this, I think that I have an accurate guess about what her cognitions were like at that particular point in time: “Oh my god I’m in so much pain”, “I really miss my boyfriend and our old apartment”, and/or “I hate having to live with my parents again.” If she was in fact thinking these type of negative thoughts, they would have only aggravated her more as well as assisted in further negatively affecting her Affect and Behavior. Not only was her behavior was the most easily observable of all three of these fundamentals, but it was consistent with the other two as well in the sense that it was intense and volatile. Her behavior was very aggressive and intense, as illustrated when she snapped at me for inquiring if she had emptied the cat box. Her other behaviors included groaning, loudly complaining about things, briefly calming down to pet her cat, then ramping up again when he phone started to fail to work properly. So while it may seem strange at first that my normally easy-going, kind, affable sister was behaving so erratically, once I was informed about, and consequently considered, the other factors affecting her behavior, it suddenly seemed much more appropriate for her current psychology and physiological

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