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What challenges?
In order to figure out what challenges struggle Denny Brown; it is necessary to review his personal experiences briefly. First of all, Brown is the chief information officer of the company Pinnacle West (PWC), and its largest subsidiary is Arizona Public Service (APS). This company operated businesses about providing energy utility to public; APS also partly owned and operated the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Generating Station. According to the case, Palo Verde used to be the largest power facility in the United States and played a significant role in power supplication for southwest United States.
This case happened during the economy recession recently. Overall, the point views from the company were claimed from the
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Previously, it is not hard to find out how impressive the process orientation is. This framework is exactly like Exhibit 2 shows, three areas of APS’s IT strategy represent that this company has ability to manage its information service system and keep renewing it frequently. If the enterprise can reengineer itself at an organized level, it also could explore company’s problems easily and correct them immediately. For example, this grassroots strategy showed that foundation area has aspects named budget management and service performance. Those two basic functions help APS to monitor its finance circumstances can be operated in a reasonable approach and to record IT department’s services with providing feedbacks from customers. Innovation area also bring fresh ideas and good thinking to this apartment in order to create its technology modern and appropriately all the time.
For the short-run, this strategy can be sustainable is because the process had been created very thoughtful and suitable for the enterprise in a period of time. For example, after the fire of Westwing substation, APS discovered an assessment for the destroyed substation. At the same time, some impressive recommendations were also mentioned in the study. In order to describe this assessment as an accident report, it will be better to treat this as a new process orientation for APS. Like the case recommended, maintenance basis, work prioritization,

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