Case Study : A New Kind Of Structure Essay

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Case Study Analysis: A New Kind of Structure
A student pursuing a degree in organization leadership may dream about leading a team to new innovative heights and successes, however their vision likely does not include the grind of day to day tasks such as analyzing spreadsheets, preparing presentations, and other mundane items. That said, employees always have tasks they enjoy and tasks they do not enjoy in their careers, and may wish for a magic button to take on the task oriented work so they can focus on the work they are invigorated by and truly is valued within the business. Pfizer created just that magic button, allowing its employees to outsource specific tasks such as creating presentations and analyzing spreadsheets (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2015). The benefit to Pfizer was an increase in time spent within their field of expertise, and the reposition of 20-40% of their task-oriented work to lower cost specialists (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2015). Additionally, because the work was outsourced globally, pfizerWorks allows its employees to be more productive because it promotes a “follow the sun” approach, allowing work to continue for every hour of the day by geographically shifting the work (Robbins, Decenzo, & Coulter, 2015). The results include shortened project timelines, cost savings, and increased employee engagement in their areas of expertise. This paper will examine if the successes of pfizerWorks are transferrable to other organizations, how to…

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