Case Study : A Mature Looking 14 Year Old Girl Essay examples

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Case Study
The case A mature looking 14-year-old girl in the State of Massachusetts came to the hospital with her mother. The girl is on her mother’s medical insurance. After examination an initial diagnosis of bacterial urethritis was made and antibiotic treatment was started immediately. Further tests were ordered for pathogenic bacteria. A week later the girl returned to the hospital alone for the second time and the urethritis appeared to have improved. Her test result showed that she was infected with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis. The doctor explained the results and the girl said she understood what was wrong. The doctor also explained to her that her partner also needed to be treated and cured to prevent reinfection. A week later, she came to the hospital for the third time with her mother but saw a doctor alone. She felt very well and told her doctor that her partner has started treatment at another health facility. She also told the doctor that her mother wants to discuss her illness but asked the doctor not to tell her parents about this whole thing. As expected, the mother request to discuss her daughter’s condition with doctor. Findings In the state of Massachusetts, the legal age of consent is in most cases 18 years old. If parents are the legal guardian, then they should be informed about their child health condition. However, in some cases and with the purpose of…

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