Case Study : A Manager At An Company Essay

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April is a manager at an IT company that it is struggling with the recent economic recession. She has to decide laying off one employee out of two. Sasha is young, hard worker, and recent hire with no exceeding the expectations in the company, but recently he has improved significantly. The second person is a 50-year-old Carson with twenty-five years work history in the company. He has never been a rising star and he also has difficulty to keep up with the rapid changes in the company. If April asks Carson to go, the company will face the lawsuit from Carson. Thus, April should choose Carson to stay because the harm will company receive with losing Sasha is less than the harm of letting Carson go.
Morally Relevant Facts
In general, laying off is wrong and unethical because it is against employees’ autonomy and employees have no choice but leaving the company. Carson and Sasha have the right to stay in the company as humans. Asking them to go is violating their rights because Carson has been with the company for a long time and Sasha who is a new employee doesn’t have enough time to provide his abilities. In addition, “social contract theories argue that certain rights are ours because we have done something to acquire those rights.”(Tittle, 49) Both employees have performed well and one of them has to leave the company. There is no correlation between these two facts. If one does her job well, she should be granted not asking her to leave.
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