Case Study : A Family Nurse Practitioner Essays

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I anticipate working in the same organization, as a family nurse practitioner (FNP), that I am working currently. I am a case manager nurse, and as a nurse practitioner I think to put in practice my knowledge at Simply Healthcare Plans (HMO health plan) located in Miami-Florida. Simply health care plans provide an adequate and easy to get to variety of preventive, primary care, and specialty service area to meet health needs of all Medicaid/Medicare members, and also preserve an enough number, mix and geographic dispersal of providers. Members that suffer from heart failure are heavy clients of the health care system and consequently needs to close medical supervision and reinforcement to be able to and recognize their warning sign. Family Nurse Practitioner is in a best position to do this, like FNP has the skill to attention on the medical necessities of the member and also the learning and caring needs of the member and their family (Dahl & Penque 2000). In order to avoid the high incidence and cost of each one member’s hospitalization it is important that inpatient and outpatient care is excellently coordinated.
Advanced nurses can provided care that shown to progress results for members with chronic heart failure (CHF), considerably decreasing the number of unexpected readmissions, several days in the hospital, hospital charges, and mortality. Greatest members advance CHF as an outcome of coronary artery disease. After cardiac injury has happened, the threat of…

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