Essay about Case Study : ' A Case For Christ '

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Case for Christ

In Lee Strobels "a case for Christ" A case is made to try and prove that the Bible is not just a fantasy book. Nonbelievers believe that the Bible is full of tall tales. Lee Strobel does his best to prove and get evidence that it is more than just a book. He is trying to prove that it 's fact and nonfiction.

Do you Strobel went on a two-year face extravaganza journey. He is a very educated man having done to Oxford and Harvard. He is a lawyer and he decided to take on one of the hardest cases it 's not the actual hardest case ever. He set a goal to prove or at least tried to prove that the Bible, basically the whole New Testament, what 's fact.The Bible is full of very difficult things to explain. Many people even after Reading his book still do not believe or have grown to question their faith them selves. I myself ended up questioning many things. I question that everything in the Bible is fact instead of parable. After reading this book I 've come to believe that the whole New Testament could just be full of examples to live our life and I still have the strong faith. I myself do not need to worry about if something happened or didn 't happen as long as I have faith that God could do either options. I believe that God could totally have had the world go dark for three days. I have total faith that Jesus could raise people from the dead. I just question if it really did happen.…

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